Mobile Customer Work Flow

The requirement to gain new customers and growing your current orders is still the same. It's still about collecting contact information and building your list. In regards to marketing, the only thing that's changed is that customer phone numbers are more effective than emails to grow your sales.

It is vital that you are always adding new prospects (leads) to your contact list and have the mobile tools to convert them to a loyal customer. 

Collect Customer Phone Numbers

There are multiple ways to build your mobile list. Customers enter their phone number (and more) on your In-Store or Mobile Kiosk, at your website and social channels or text your Company Keyword from their smart phone.

You can also upload the phone numbers that you have already collected from your current email program.


Customers Love A Birthday Wish!

Recognizing your customers on their birthday is one of the easiest programs you can launch. Your customers will appreciate that you remembered them on their special day.

A birthday wish will build a strong relationship with customers and they will be more motivated to celebrate their special day at your business.

Keep Loyal Customers Coming Back

Through the mobile Loyalty Program feature, your business is able to create virtual punch cards for your customers. No loyalty cards to print or punch. And best of all your customer will never lose their punch card and can check their points anytime right from their phone.


Send Out Company Announcements

Stay in front of your customers by sending out company announcements at least every two weeks. 

With a suite of 20+ mobile marketing tools, you can send out offers, announcements and alerts that have a 98% open rate with a high rate of redemption!


More Traffic & Redemption Is Easy

Your customers will love your upgrade to mobile. Offers are sent directly to their phone wallet and announcements are opened with ten minutes creating an immediate response from your customers.