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Smarter Text Marketing Software that allows you to communicate and stay in touch with clients, stay in front of leads, and automate your follow up, never losing a lead. We know you’re busy, Buzzy can help!

Bulk Texting

At the heart of a text marketing campaign is the ability to send bulk text messages to your clients and contacts.


Send to 1 group or multiple groups at once! Send messages to your clients and followers to announce new product releases, special events and sales, thank you’s and rewards.


Easily send new promotions and sales

Send your clients and contacts promotions of new product releases and sales events with our easy coupon builder. Reach over 90% of your contacts within 3 minutes.

Contest & Polls

Create contests and polls to keep your clients and contacts engaged.

Contests are the perfect opportunity to attract new leads to your biz! Once they enter to win they will be added to a group that you can continue to communicate with!

Polls are a great way to engage your audience! Let your contacts vote on their favorite new products or what information they need from your business next!


Clients and Contacts

Manage your list of contacts in our contact management module. View the source of all sign-ups, whether they signed up through text keyword, web widget, kiosk, or if they were manually added.

Connect easily with an individual contact, or an entire group or groups right from your dashboard!


Send your subscribers automated messages on a preset schedule, based on when they subscribe to a particular list or offer.

Automatically send them a message 1 day, 7 days or 30 days after they subscribe, or set up an entire campaign of messages to go out based on any schedule that you determine!

Why Text Marketing?

Buzzy allows you to communicate with your contacts by scheduling a simple text that gets opened, gets read and gets acted on! Go ahead and build your brand on social. Just remember, statistics show that only about 10% of your followers see your Facebook or Instagram posts. Text messages, however, have a 95% + open rate! When it comes time to connect, your clients and contacts prefer texting PLUS, you own your list and control the message delivery! Have a message you want to guarantee your clients receive? Buzzy is the answer!

Faster than Email

90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes. No email SPAM filters.

More Personal than Social

Texting reaches your audience directly and without all of the distractions.

Preferred way to Communicate

Consumers expect personal communication from the companies they are doing business with, and to put it simply, they prefer text!

Industries We Serve

Real Estate Agents, Bars & Nightclubs, Restaurants, Salons & Spas, Schools, Non-Profits, and much more.

Photographers and Creatives

Most creatives wear all the hats and do "all the things" in their businesses! Buzzy allows you to automate critical pieces of your workflow to give you back more time to do the thing you love! Creating contests to attract new leads, automating the delivery of your info, scheduling follow-ups and appointment reminders are just a few of the things that you'll love about Buzzy!

Restaurants and Retail

Text marketing is a simple and inexpensive way for local restaurants and boutiques to increase customer loyalty and revenue. Reward your customers with discounts and let them know about specials and promotions. Encourage repeat purchases with a loyalty program, included in your BUZZY dashboard!

Coaches and Course Creators

Coaches and Course Creators love the simplicity of Buzzy! Create evergreen challenges, schedule and automate follow up, send out daily or weekly course material, and more! Your texts can include a .pdf workbook, a video from you, or a link back to a group for participation. Students appreciate getting your information right to their messages so they don't miss a thing!

Salons, Spas, and Gyms

One of the challenges that brick and mortar service businesses face is keeping their customers coming back again and again. With Buzzy, you'll be able to schedule follow-ups and customer care, reward clients for repeat business and referrals, plus send out appointment reminders and special offers. Keep your customers happy and returning!

Service Providers

As a service-based business, you rely on repeat clients and referrals. With Buzzy, not only can you schedule out your follow-up messages, but your clients can message you back with questions allowing you to personalize your customer care! Send out appointment reminders, promos and specials, and set up a referral plan that keeps the buzz going about your biz!

Direct Sellers

Text Messaging is an easy way to thank clients for orders, remind them of upcoming specials or deals, and reward them for multiple purchases! One of our favorite features is scheduling follow up messages after sending out samples, or talking to a new potential team member! Create contests to easily attract new leads right from your dashboard. You can even launch team builders with an automated series of messages.

Looks Great On All Devices You Use Every Day

Our comprehensive feature set is enjoyed by marketing pros, however our intuitive web-based interface is easy enough for anyone to use.

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